23 NSFWBDs React To The Kim Jong Un vs. Donald Trump Dick Measuring Contest


Well, here we are…it’s Thursday and we’re pretty much to the point where a couple of weirdos are about to have a nuke-off to see which one has a bigger dick. Trump vs. Jong Un. Just how god wrote it up. Reality star real estate mogul vs. a relatively unknown fake maniac who loves Dennis Rodman in a showdown.

It’s all too much for the NSFWBDs.

They’re all over this shit because of all the intangibles associated with this madness. The characters line up here for a great edition of NSFWBDs.

If we’re all gonna die, let’s at least go out with a great edition of BDs.

As long as Dennis Rodman stays in the U.S, North Korea isn't gunna launch missiles on us bc they love that nigga😂

— ✍ (@nihhlaus) August 9, 2017

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