23 NSFWBDs React To Usher Vs. Quantasia Sharpton STD Drama

It’s the story that ROCKED the NSFWBD community on Monday. Quantasia Sharpton held a press conference with attorney Lisa Bloom to claim that Usher exposed her to herpes two years ago in a hotel room as she was celebrating her 19th birthday. She’s negative for herpes but claims there has been stress and embarrassment.
It’s unclear how much Quantasia, who goes by Angel on Facebook, is looking to get out of Usher. The BDs are just perplexed all around by this story. You can hear it in their tweets. Total confusion. They’re trying to figure out why Usher would be going slumpbuster when it’s not necessary.
Well……maybe it is since the good girls heard Usher has herpes. Quantasia says she didn’t know it when she hooked up on her 19th. Now here we are with Usher in a predicament. He has three accusers and has already paid $1.1M to settle a 2012 case.

Quantasia posted this on Facebook a week ago:

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