Shaun Livingston-Joanna Williams Wedding Photos


No one on the Golden State Warriors deserves the success of the past three seasons more than Shaun Livingston.

The guy has somehow made it all the way back from the gruesome knee injury he suffered in 2007, now makes a living killing teams with mid-range Js and general length, and was rewarded this offseason with a $24 million deal. And it looks like he continued his hot offseason this past weekend by marrying girlfriend Joanna (Joey) Williams:

According to the Journal Star, Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala made it out for the big day, though no one knew a wedding was going down:

According to Reggie Livingston [Shaun’s father], the nuptials were to be a surprise for the guests. Most of them were under the impression they were there simply for a party.

“No one knew he was getting married,” Reggie Livingston stated in a message to Nick in the Morning. “We didn’t tell anyone until (they were) at the wedding. Made an announcement during the party.”

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