Pickup Ball Kyrie Doesn’t Have Time for Bad Turnovers


Pro tip: If you ever find yourself playing pickup ball with future team leader Kyrie Irving, don’t go full Allen Iverson while trying to impress the man. You know, don’t be the guy out there over-dribbling and shooting terrible, contested fadeaway Js — Kyrie will shoot your ass down for that bad basketball behavior.

The current Cavaliers point guard proved he has no time for 30 somethings playing loose with the rock Saturday night when he chewed out a guy for constantly turning the ball over:

“Bro stop turning the ball over. Come on, I’m not rewarding that. I’m not rewarding negative behavior.”

Honestly Kyrie might have to get used to this if he ends up on the Knicks, Suns, Pistons, etc.

Your obligatory ridiculous Kyrie layup:

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