The Best and Worst of MLB Nickname Jerseys


As most of you guys know, MLB players will be wearing special “nickname jerseys” on the final weekend of August to celebrate Players Weekend. It seems tacky AF when you factor in the alternate youth-league inspired uniforms, but to our surprise some MLBers came through in the clutch with witty aliases. Others, however, failed miserably and displayed a disappointing lack of creativity.

The best of the best

Haven’t seen Andre Ethier play for like a year, but this is strong:

Kyle Seager knows what the deal is:

No idea who Michael Blazek is, but I like him:

Gotta give love to Lil’ D:

Big Fudge checking in:

Josh Phegley keepin’ it real:

Triggs getting nerdy:

Brad Hand created a classic that will be seen at music festivals for years to come:

The worst

Shocker. Nicknames aren’t Trout’s thing:

Carlos Correa, just as boring as Trout:

Kyle Seager’s brother isn’t very funny:

Sorry, tired of hearing this one already:

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