Wayne & Janet Gretzky Walk Into Baseball Stadium To See Son Trevor Play….Then Trevor Gretzky Does THIS!


The Gretzkys are apparently doing a tour of Quebec this week to catch some Rogers Cup tennis action in Montreal and then last night headed north a few miles to Trois-Riviéres to catch son Trevor’s Can-Am home game. Of course Wayne and Janet walk in just as Trevor’s getting an AB. Wayne’s presence causes commotion, as you’d expect. No pressure on Trevor.

Your national hero father (I know, Quebec doesn’t want to be recognized as part of Canada. No need to correct me.) walks in, you get a first pitch fastball and…hit your first home run since 2015 with Single-A Burlington.

As if being a Gretzky isn’t a great life, now Janet has this all on IG for evidence of just how great life is as a Gretzky.

By the way, 29 years ago today, Wayne signed with the Kings, took over Los Angeles, had kids that turned into Internet stars and had a pretty decent hockey career.

Wayne catching some Rogers Cup tennis:

29 years ago today:

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