RG3 Is Out Here Grindin’ For Some Stupid Reason…Jay Cutler Knows QBs Don’t Need To Be In Shape


I saw this IG blast this morning from RG3’s new baby mama Grete Sadeiko this morning and couldn’t stop laughing at how hard RG3 is working on his body with the theory he needs to be some Adonis who has a 12-pack, looks great in spandex and can box jump like a freak.

RG3 was working like a maniac at about the same time Tubby Cutler was saying at a press conference how you don’t really need to be in shape to be a quarterback. RG3 now has two babies to feed, one failed marriage and this new baby mama who clearly doesn’t want to live like a poor. Then we have Cutler out here just shoving his nuts & $10M right in RG3’s face. Ruthless.

Via ProFootballTalk.com:

“The good thing is I play quarterback so I don’t have to be in that great cardiovascular shape,” Cutler said with a smile today.

Cutler said Dolphins coach Adam Gase called him last week, asked him if he was in good enough shape to play this season, and when Cutler said he was, they quickly agreed that they could make it work.

“I told him I was good to go. It was very short, very brief,” Cutler said.

This is exactly what I’ve been saying for years about quarterbacks. Do you really want your QB to be able to complete a triathlon? I don’t. Tom Brady’s got that whole diet thing going. It’s not like he’s some superior athlete at 40. He’s just been able to keep his metabolism rolling. Look at Eli. Look at Fatty Roethlisberger. Peyton could barely move and won rings. Flacco…blah…blah…blah.

Meanwhile, we have RG3 out here thinking he’ll get a job if he drops a tenth off his 40.

Hey RG3…look at this!

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