24 NSFWBDs React To WNBA Being Added To NBA Live ’18


We’ve officially entered a new era in gaming now that NBA Live ’18 will add WNBA to the game, giving players the option to use WNBA players and teams…annnnnnddddd this is sending shockwaves through the NSFWBD community. Some are trying to figure out if they can get laid via these changes. Some are worried that their girls will be more into the games and treat them like garbage.

Others are just trying to figure out who is going to use the WNBA players. You know these guys will be curious and play with the WNBA mode but won’t tell their buddies. It will go unspoken.

Guys, this is the future. These companies need to make money. They need new players. Women are the next frontier. Take it from a married man whose wife is a gamer when she’s not breastfeeding, making dinner, putting the kids to bed, etc. She’ll play for 12 hours on a Sunday in the middle of the winter. I know this is a dream for some of you.

However, I don’t play. It’s cool if she blows several hours playing. I’ll blow 30 hours a week on Twitter and she doesn’t bother me.

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