Luke Walton Played Some Six-Man Volleyball in Manhattan Beach This Weekend


via NoMoExcuses/Reddit

Now that we’re in the dead part of the NBA offseason, players and coaches who aren’t on the Cavs can chill a bit until training camp opens up next month. For Lakers head coach Luke Walton, that means less time fielding LaVar and Lonzo Ball questions, and more time for beach volleyball action.

Luke’s no slouch out there either, as he played in the Charlie Saikley six-man volleyball tournament in Manhattan beach this weekend. Judging from this footage of Luke carrying his squad, it’s safe to say he’s by the far the most athletic NBA head coach:

Of course, Luke’s volleyball skills shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. He’s married to former Arizona volleyballer Bre Ladd, and apparently learned the fundamentals from Greg Lee (via Bill Oram of The OC Register):

He had learned the fundamentals of the sport as a child from Greg Lee, the beach volleyball legend who was a UCLA basketball teammate of Bill Walton’s, but he did not take it up seriously until years later, late in his playing career with the Lakers. In doing so, he carried on a tradition of hoops stars keeping their competitive juices pumping on the sand. Players such as his father and Wilt Chamberlain were fixtures.

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