Nick Young Casually Reminding D’Angelo Russell He’s a Snitch at Drew League


Just because Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell managed to keep it professional and balled together last season without coming to blows doesn’t mean the two are square. D-Lo still broke bro code and blew up the man’s engagement (cheating be damned), so he’ll just have to take it in the jaw whenever Swaggy decides to take a shot at him — like he did yesterday at Drew League with this “You Snitch” tee:

No need to pointlessly speculate if this is a shot at D-Lo, it is.

The good news for these two former bros is they’re in better places now. Swaggy will probably become a key shooter in the Golden State Warriors‘ fifth championship run, and D-Lo gets a fresh start in Brooklyn.

Looks like D-Lo doesn’t have time to worry about petty shirts:

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