Boxer Amir Khan Claims Model Wife Cheated On Him With Heavyweight Champ Anthony Joshua

While everybody is talking about Conor Mcgregor’s sparring partner quitting his camp and coming with conspiracy theories as to why, we have a little love triangle on the other side of the boxing world between former world champ Amir Khan and current heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua.
It all started with some tweets that Amir Khan sent out this morning about his decision to split up with his wife, model Faryal Makhdoom. That quickly led to him airing out her cheating, which led to him naming Anthony Joshua as Faryal’s side piece.
Let’s take a look at the tweets.

Khan started it all off this morning from Dubai

Then his wife came back with the THUNDER

The first three tweets have now been deleted

And then you have Joshua, who’s been thrown into this, playing it cool

So there you have it. There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned love triangle. Who knows where it goes from here, but it sounds like Khan & Faryal are officially done and Anthony Joshua will go back to bashing dudes faces in.

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