Conor McGregor's Sparring Partner Goes Nuts, Says He Beat McGregor's Ass & Then Quit The Camp

I was listening to the Rich Eisen radio show on Thursday and just happened to catch an interview with Paul Malignaggi, who is now known as Conor McGregor’s sparring partner…until last night when he quit over photos being leaked from a sparring session. Annnnnddddd, Malignaggi is pissed.
That comes after he was very complimentary to McGregor during the Eisen interview, deflecting a question about McGregor getting lit up in sparring sessions.
Now here comes Paulie quitting the camp because these photos were leaked.

Paulie says — as you can see above in the top tweet — that it was actually him lighting up McGregor after flying in to join the camp.

Look, at this point I have no clue whether Malignaggi is jobbing us with all this nonsense. The guy is 36-8 over his career and lost a welterweight title fight back in March. Could all of this be staged and Paulie is getting paid to work us? Sure. At this point I wouldn’t put anything past boxing. These guys have a fight to sell…that I’m already buying…so it’s all about keeping the attention rolling until August 26.
Is it odd for a fighter to get bent out of shape over pics leaking from a camp? I have no clue. What’s clear is that everyone involved with the fight is going to make truckloads of cash and we’re all to blame.

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