My QB Andy Dalton’s Training Camp Hair Is On Point, ESPN Bombs With Brady Fluff & Lavar Ball Does Surgery


Football is back tonight on NBC and that means Collinsworth will lust over some undrafted free agent you’ve never heard of

And I won’t even care. It’ll just be great to have football back. Real action. Actual action instead of Lavar Ball. Actual action instead of fake Kyrie vs. LeBron drama. I’ll get to hear Al Michaels’s voice instead of Screamin’ A. It’ll be glorious. It’s what keeps me alive during these quiet periods in sports. My 10th anniversary of sports blogging is coming up and there have been very few breaks of any kind over those 10 years. There have been very few quiet periods like this summer. We’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to come up with content. It’s been horrible. We finally have football back and I couldn’t be happier…even if it means listening to Collinsworth blow some guy he’s clearly never heard of before just so he sounds knowledgable to the football community.

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