Big3 Suspends Allen Iverson for Blowing Off Game to Gamble


Allen Iverson has now been suspended twice in his life: once by the 76ers for missing practice (obviously), and now by the Big3 for missing a game in Dallas:

BIG3 has suspended Allen Iverson for one game.

— Adi Joseph (@AdiJoseph) August 2, 2017

Now, if you’ve watched any Big3 action this summer then you already know why AI didn’t bother to show up for that game — it’s crappy halfcourt ball with the likes of Kwame Brown and Al Thornton. No one’s getting up for that, so I don’t blame AI one bit for gambling and indulging in sweets instead:

To his credit, AI did pretend to care and apologized to Ice Cube for his actions:

A message from Allen Iverson.

— BIG3 (@thebig3) August 1, 2017

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