Paul George & Pregnant Baby Mama Daniela Rajic Enjoy Yankees Game


The big news last night in baseball was Austin Jackson’s catch, but the even bigger news was that Paul George brought his pregnant baby mama Daniela Rajic to the Yankees game and she didn’t disappoint. Let’s just say basketball guys lost their minds. Daniela, who reportedly had a previous life as a Tootsie’s stripper before latching onto George, has had a fairly low key life now that she’s has a baby and another one in the oven.

These two have had quite the relationship. There was a paternity battle. And there was also the rumor that Paul tried to bribe her into having an abortion. In the end, these two have worked things out and Paul has a new life in OKC and a summer of 2018 where he’s going to get a mammoth contract and another baby.

Good for these two. See, it pays to work things out and be adults about the situation. Now Paul has a cute kid and another on the way.

Paul George at a Yankee Game. But let's talk about that girl😶

— Hoop Central (@TheHoopCentral) August 2, 2017

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