Browns Fans Can Watch Their Players Take Ice Baths At Training Camp

Just when I thought I’d pretty much seen it all at NFL training camps, the Cleveland Browns came along, told Pete Carroll and his DJ booth to hold their beer and gave fans the chance to watch players take ice baths. That’s right, Browns fans can spend precious time in life watching undrafted free agents and future QB DeShone Kizer sit in an inflatable ice bath pool.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been to Browns camp since Manziel was around because there hasn’t been much to report on from Browns camp, so I’m not positive that fans watching players take ice baths is new this summer. However, I pride myself in keeping tabs on training camps and this is the first I’m seeing such voyeurism.

The really good news here is that Browns fans aren’t paying to watch guys take ice baths. Training camp tickets are free.

You see those stands? Those are new at Browns camp where you were lucky to get a spot on youth soccer stands when Manziel came to town. It was a circus and seating choices used to be horrible to see Johnny flame out.

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