Fox 8 In Cleveland Takes A Not-So-Subtle Shot At Kyrie Irving In Their Latest Commerical

Well, how about Fox 8 in Cleveland coming out of nowhere to take a nice little jab at Kyrie? It’s 2017, news stations aren’t unbiased anymore, so you shouldn’t be surprised. It trickles all the way down from cable news. You pick a side and stick with it. Fox 8 clearly is rolling with the King.

They aren’t even trying to hide it. This is the definition of a direct shot at Kyrie. If he wants to demand a trade, he better be ready for the local news to start throwing some bows.

Let’s take a look at this transcript:

You’re either with us, or against us

You have to be tough to thrive here

If you don’t want to be a part of our story, that’s fine

This city belongs to the King

Cleveland’s own Fox 8 news

Oh yeah, enjoy the ring

This is why the NBA is so great. There’s always some drama going on. From subtweets and emojis, to petty videos, to the goddamn local news siding with players. What a league.

Let’s check in on Kyrie…

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