LaVar Ball Gets Another Technical At His AAU Game, Has Ref Replaced Mid-Game (UPDATES)

Looks like our favorite helicopter dad is back on his bullshit. LaVar Ball is single-handedly keeping blogs afloat this summer with his constant content and I can’t thank him enough for it.
The Big Ballers had another AAU game this morning and apparently, LaVar was back to doing LaVar things. That would be getting techs, threatening to forfeit games, and a new one — getting refs replaced mid-game.

I can already feel the outrage coming because this ref was a woman, but I just want to look at the situation for what it is. LaVar Ball got a freaking ref replaced mid-game at an AAU tournament. That’s the kind of power this dude has right now and it’s just flat out funny to me.
Adidas may have done on their own, but we all know who that order really came from.

Here’s the video of the technical before he had her replaced in the middle of the game

UPDATE: They forfeited again


Apparently, they didn’t technically forfeit. LaVar got ejected, refused to leave, so the refs called the game.

Chandler Parsons, ESPN In$ider Trade Shots on Twitter
Chandler Parsons, ESPN In$ider Trade Shots on Twitter
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