A Cavs Fan Has Already Decided To Burn Kyrie Irving's Jersey

Well, I guess the video of the day from Harrison Barnes’ wedding of Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving clearing making fun of LeBron was the last straw for this Cavs fan. He makes a good point: “Why wait?”
I guess you can’t really argue that. he demanded a trade, he’s not talking to anybody on the team, he’s buddying up with the¬†rival, so you might as well torch that thing now, right? It’s actually a smart move by this fan because he gets to be the first viral Kyrie jersey burner. You know right when he gets dealt we’ll see hundreds of videos like this. He’s getting out ahead.

But I’m still not sure he definitely gets traded so it will be incredible if Kyrie suits up in November for Cleveland. With the local news turning on him, the fans turning on him, his teammates mostly turning on him, it’s going to be awkward city.


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