North Dakota Couple Brought To Tears After Seeing Carson Wentz At Training Camp

Let’s meet Chuck and Karen Anderson, a couple who traveledĀ all the way to Philadelphia just to see their beloved goober, Carson Wentz, get sweaty for a few hours. If I know anything about North Dakota from those 2 times College GameDay went there, I know how much they love their Bison (pronounced Bizon).
So much so, that they will literally cry at the sight of another Bison outside of Fargo. Chuck is just happy to be there and happy to “be included in all of this stuff” as he fights off the waterworks. And then you have Karen, who can’t even believe she’s outside the state of North Dakota. Just the thought of that is bringing her to tears. Then the reporter mentions Wentz and it’s full blown weep-a-thon.

I don’t want to make fun of them too much, but there’s no crying in the first week of training camp. I can only imagine what it would be like if someone actually took them to a game.


Guy Fieri Is Apparently An NFL Insider Now
Guy Fieri Is Apparently An NFL Insider Now
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