Guy Fieri Is Apparently An NFL Insider Now


Schefty and RapSheet better keep that head on a swivel because Guy Fieri came straight from Flavortown to scoop every NFL reporter on some Seattle Seahawks news this afternoon. I don;t know what Guy’s connection is to the Sawks

I don’t know what Guy’s connection is to the Seahawks or Marcel Reece, but today he reported on his Twitter account that Reece was heading to training camp.

Now that Guy has officially entered the NFL reporting game, I’m going to need to see more of this going forward. We HAVE to have Guy scooping insiders and dropping Woj-style bombs on Twitter.

This is the world we live in. Anybody can be a reporter these days and now that Guy has dipped his toe in the water, I have to have more.

I found the perfect name for a Guy Fieri Sunday Countdown segment

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