Remember The Dad Who Bought His Son A Bat For His Birthday? He's Back With A Sequel

A year ago the Internet was in tears when Devon Fowler uploaded a video where he surprised his son, Braheim, with a new baseball bat for his birthday. The boy was in tears. Dad was in tears. It was the feel good YouTube sports video of the summer. “I want to see some home runs,” Devon said as Braheim came in for a thank you hug. Chokes me up every single time.
The video went nuts and the father and son had themselves a viral video.
Devon said back in 2016:

“I didn’t expect this at all,” Fowler said. “It happened overnight. I’m not a social media kind of guy.”

Fowler, who is currently unemployed, shared advice for parents who are dealing with financial difficulties.

“Just keep trying to make your kid happy,” Fowler said. “If you got love for your kids they won’t care about what you get them.”

Devon’s back and once you watch the video up top, you’re going to get emotional all over again. Posted July 17, it shows Braheim cranking a ball out of the park while Devon was recording.
And Devon catches the home run ball off that bat he bought for his son.
Look, it’s ok to shed a tear today at work. Fire up these videos and tell the IT department not to sweat the bandwidth usage. We could all stand to feel good about life for a couple of minutes.

The original video of Braheim getting his bat:

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