Meet Kristin Floyd — A Chick Who Fishes

I think it was our friends at Top Tier on IG who had an interesting category of IG models — Chicks Who Fish. Seriously, I’m tired of the same old bullshit out of IG models who have thousands of unused images on their phones just waiting to be published. They have zero original material. I’ve seen you on a bed. I’ve seen you at the beach. I’ve seen you on vacation in Greece or Italy or wherever.
How about you grab a saltwater fish and prove that you’re not some robot. Teach an IG model how to fish & she’ll never go hungry. Put a fish in an IG model’s hands and she’ll differentiate herself from all the other IG models.
That brings me to Kristin Floyd, an IG model who gets it. She gets that you have to mix it up a little bit. She understands that you guys are tired of the usual. You want strange.
Some of you will say, “Hey BC, she has fake boobs.” And I’d say just be glad that she’s holding saltwater fish instead of posing the same as every other IG model. Who cares that she has bolt-ons? Not me.
Keep the fish pics coming, Kristin.
[HT: @WynHere]

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