Bama Fan Pumps Three Rounds Into A Giant Wild Hog’s Ass In His Front Yard

The story of Wade Seago popping a cap into a wild hog’s ass is sweeping across the country thanks to TV stations who are posting this on Facebook as if it happened in their backyard, which then fuels the locals that follow that station’s account, which then leads to people clicking, asking which neighborhood this happened in and then a gun debate on Facebook. You know, the usual.

Anyway, the story that everyone is ignoring is that Seago’s a Bama fan.

Enter Busted Coverage.

That’s just the kind of detail we thrive on. It’s the kind of detail that can lead to dozens of RTs. This is the first thing I look at when stories come out of Alabama. Which school does the guy root for? Wade’s Roll Tide all the way.

From 13-NBC:

Wild hogs aren’t unusual in rural south Alabama, but Wade Seago says he’d never seen anything like the 820-pound animal he shot and killed in his front yard. Seago tells that he and his daughter spotted the massive hog in their yard in Samson after the family’s pet Schnauzer started barking.

Feral hogs cause millions of dollars in damage annually, and Seago thought it could harm the family pet. So he got his .38-caliber handgun and took aim. Seago says it took three shots to drop the hog, which he weighed on scales at a peanut company.

Wade’s obviously not fuccing around. Got his gun and started blasting. It helps that he’s a hunter.

That hog fucced with the wrong yard this time…BOOOM!

Roll Damn Tide, Wade!