Sergio Garcia Went Head-To-Head With A Bush And Lost

Update: This is how Sergio hurt his right arm. Took a swipe at the gorse … and the gorse won. #TheOpen

— Ryan Lavner (@RyanLavnerGC) July 21, 2017

While you were sleeping this morning, Sergio Garcia tried to fight a bush and lost. It came on the 4th hole, where Sergio found himself deep in the rough next to one of those gorse bushes. He punched the ball out, got a little frustrated, took a swing at the gorse and almost ripped up his shoulder in the process.

At the U.S. Open everybody talked about the fescue and now at the British Open, the villain is the gorse.

Lesson of the day for Sergio: If you're angry, don't take it out on a gorse bush. Gorse is undefeated.

— Mike O'Malley (@GD_MikeO) July 21, 2017

One second you’re strutting that ass in your green jacket at Wimbledon and next thing you know, you’re in England fighting bushes and hurting your shoulder. Never take on the gorse.

He still finished with a decent round and will play the weekend

36 players have finished today at Birkdale. The scoring average is 74.4. There's just three sub-par scores:
Lovemark, 69
Sergio, 69
Zach, 66

— Sean Martin (@PGATOURSMartin) July 21, 2017