Sergio Garcia Is At Wimbledon And He’s Rocking His Masters Green Jacket


You might remember Danny Willet doing this last year and now we have Sergio making his way across the pond to flaunt that Green Jacket at Wimbledon. People are loving this move, but seeing as Wimbledon is basically The Masters of tennis, this makes sense.

I would take it even further. You win The Masters, you should be wearing that bad boy everywhere you go. Sunday morning grocery run? Throw on the jacket. License renewal at the DMV? Get your picture taken with that thing. I’m talking everywhere. You go somewhere with that green jacket and you instantly control the room.

Sergio just sat in the stands with it on and everybody is talking about it. That jacket has power.

The matching shades are fire

It’s good to be the Masters champion. #Wimbledon 🎾😎

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