Nicole Kidman Blasts Back On The Scene, Sports Media 40 Under 40 & Flea Loves Lonzo


There’s nothing on tonight. Seriously. You want to watch WNBA? It’s your night. Yankees-Twins? Yawn. Boxing on FS1? In other words, it’s a movie night. Trust me. Save up your remote control ownership from your wife/girlfriend for later in August when you’ll need to get ready for six months of football.

Nicole Kidman wants your attention

This is supposedly Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend

40 Under 40…sports media edition…nothing brings out emotion in sports media people like a list

Redskins president calls his QB Kurt Cousins multiple times

Flea already in love with Lonzo Ball

Soccer fan knocks drone out of the sky with roll of toilet paper

Florida Man drives into Lowes, starts cutting wood & is tased – crash photos!

Here’s Sophia from Stockton U.

Ump Drilled By A Bat Video of the Week

Burger of the Day

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