Odell’s Hot Girlfriend In Cancun, Tom Izzo Eats Off Floor & 6-6, 345-LBer Gets Offer


WSOP Final Table! That’s at 7 on ESPN2. Or some Big 3 action over on FS1. We really need preseason NFL action right now. Maybe this is the time of year when that T.O. & Ocho flag football thing could fill the void until the HOF game. Baseball purists will have plenty of action to watch tonight and there’s a 12:35 Nats-Reds game on MLB.

Odell & his hot GF hit up Cancun

Alexis Ren’s weekend on IG

Tom Izzo eating popcorn off the floor

This 6-6, 345 pound 8th grader gets offer from Kentucky

The gender reveal video all your wife’s girlfriends will be talking about

This Florida Man killed a AAA worker for taking too long to fix his battery

Local TV station probably wants that tweet back

Here’s Caitlin from….BAMA!

Monday Motivation of the Week

Your Moment of Flair…..walk into work today and use this line pic.twitter.com/xzG9rLoENM

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