LaVar Ball Continues to Do LaVar Ball Things, Says "Nobody Cares" About De'Aaron Fox

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Summer League is pretty pointless, so it didn’t surprise me at all that Lonzo Ball missed his first head-to-head matchup with De’Aaron Fox last week because of a groin injury. You know, there’s no need to risk worsening an injury in a league loaded with scrubs.

However, this is Lonzo we’re talking about, so morons immediately concluded that the face of BBB was ducking Fox to avoid getting torched again. Lonzo’s daddy, LaVar (you might have heard of him), shut down that notion on Fox Sports Radio this week the only way he knew how: talkin’ mess about Fox (via CSN Bay Area):

“Duck De’Aaron Fox? Have you heard about De’Aaron Fox? Hell nah. You can’t hear about him unless he puts my boy’s name in his mouth. He been doing all this stuff and ain’t nobody been talking about him. So he and his dad gotta link themselves to us to be relevant. De’Aaron Fox had a whole season and the only thing they talk about is 39 points against Zo. You don’t put Zo in a sentence, nobody cares about him,” LaVar said on Sunday.

There you have it. Apparently no one can talk about De’Aaron without bringing Lonzo into the discussion. Who knew!

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