It Looks Like Lindsey Vonn Is Trying To Get Aaron Rodgers’ Attention


Last time I checked, Lindsey Vonn was dating Rams receivers coach Kenan Smith and Aaron Rodgers was firmly single (aside from maybe a little thing with Kelly Rohrbach a few months back). 5 days ago Vonn IG’d a “date night” photo with Kenan, so I’m assuming they are still together.

BUT, then I see these screenshots from Rodgers’ Instagram and I start asking questions. What the hell is Lindsey Vonn doing up in Rodgers’ IG comments? The last 3 pictures he’s posted (excluding the one the put up about 6 hours ago) she’s thrown up a little comment, looking like she’s trying to get his attention like a high school girl with a crush.

So now I’m confused. You could always say that they’re just friends who probably know each through endorsements or something, but it is a little bit strange.

All I’m going to say is that I kind of want a Vonn-Rodgers relationship, if only for the content. It would be an interesting rebound after Olvia Munn.

[Screenshots via Barstool]

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