Conor McGregor Has A Mic Drop Of Epic Proportions At Their Last Press Conference


The line that Conor McGregor ended with for his last Mayweather-McGregor press conference in London was pretty good. Taking about putting Floyd to sleep and beating his head into the canvas. Decent line. But when I said mic drop, I actually meant the physical mic drop. That’s a Hall of Fame mic drop (more of a toss, but whatever) from Conor. Six weeks can’t get here fast enough.

Now onto some more highlights from London:

Incredibly disrespectful head rub

Floyd calling Mcgregor a hoe for the 500th time

Maybe the best line of the week: “Stupid baldy twat”

Crowd clearly on Conor’s side again

Floyd thinks he could win in the octagon

Annnnnd this one will cause some controversy

Overall, a much better press conference than yesterday’s bore-fest.

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