Conor McGregor on Floyd Mayweather's School Bag: "You Can't Even Read!"

Conor McGregor probably isn’t touching Floyd Mayweather in the ring next month, but that’s okay! We should all be glad there are people out there willing to drop $100 on this publicity stunt, because the world promotional tour they’re currently on has everything you could possibly want.

Seriously. Day 1 in LA was obviously a lot of fun (see above), but Conor has really found his game for Day 2 in Toronto. I mean, I’m not sure if Floyd will ever rebound from The Notorious One savaging his illiteracy to the joy of thousands:

And leading a goddamn “F—k you!” chant!

Floyd actually had some things to say for today’s face-off:

The bag vs. Irish flag battle you never knew you needed:

Conor McGregor Wore a Custom "F— You" Suit
Conor McGregor Wore a Custom "F— You" Suit
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