Cody Bellinger Yachting in Miami For His 22nd Birthday

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How lucky are the Dodgers who made the NL All-Star Team? So lucky that they (Justin Turner, Corey Seager, Alex Wood, Cody Bellinger) didn’t even need to fly back across the country after the All-Star Game because they happen to resume play in Miami for a three-game series this weekend.
Scheduling really doesn’t get any more fortuitous than this, so Cody’s teammates (and their girls) did him a solid and took him yachting for his 22nd birthday. He’s sorta the seventh wheel here, but it doesn’t matter with JT picking up the tab:
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JT is such a good vet — dude knows Cody won’t be rolling in dough for another couple years.

Cody’s mates sing him Happy Birthday:

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(via awood45/IG)

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