Bama Fans Clearly Get A Bad Rap For Being Inbred Rednecks

I mean, what’s the deal with everyone calling Bama fans rednecks who bang goats and their sisters? These people clearly have taken abuse from the general public and it’s obviously not fair. Look at these people at the SEC Media Days, especially Ring Hat Guy, who has been rolling with this schtick for like three years now.
Ring Hat Guy goes to SEC Media Days and then you never see him again for 365 days. I’m sure most of you guys think he goes back to mom’s trailer and works on his Bama NFL trading card collection. Not fair!

Major Breaking News from Brad Logan…that’s Ring Hat Guy’s wife and kid!

Like I said…you guys are being unfair to Bama fans…they’re clearly not inbred rednecks…

Nick Saban's Boat Is Patriotic AF For The 4th
Nick Saban's Boat Is Patriotic AF For The 4th
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