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This is going to blow your mind…Summer League betting is through the roof

Think the NBA Summer League is a fluke and the crowds were huge just to see Lonzo Ball’s debut? Wrong. Gambling numbers are through the roof and if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years in sports…follow the money where people are spending their gambling dollars and you’ll find a pot of gold. From the Las Vegas Sun: Bookmakers are on pace to break their record for most money bet on the summer league after only a few days. “It just keeps growing and now that the games are being picked up by more recognizable stations like ESPN, it’s helped even more,” Sherman said.
And there it is. ESPN has figured out a way to make you think you’re seeing something important and then you want to gamble on that action because you need action to make the action actually action. You fools are so easy to separate from your money. The NBA Summer League isn’t going anywhere because you idiots won’t let it.

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