Russian Helga…Still Convinced She’s A Spy, Old Andy Dalton Wedding Photos & Slash Stewart In Jamaica


Boring weekend?

I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t around this weekend. Didn’t look. Have no idea what Danny the Intern posted. No idea what L.A. James posted yesterday. No clue. And it feels damn good. The weather was great. I got to use my chainsaw pruner extension to cut limbs. Felt good. Felt like being a guy. Cut some grass. Jumped in the pool last night. Drank a bunch of beers Saturday night. Won a bunch of cornhole games. Had control of the boards for at least two hours. Had some beef tacos. Did a couple shots. Cooked on the grill a little bit. And I need to ask: How many songs are loaded onto a Pandora channel? The free channels. I ask because it felt like I was only getting the same 35 songs.

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