Royals Danny Duffy Has Been Popped With 12 “Random” Drug Tests This Season

I always love these random drug testing stories in sports. A player goes out and plays well or does something incredible on the field, and the next day he’s got a little plastic cup waiting for him in his locker. The NFL doesn’t even try to hide the fact that it’s not random anymore> I’m pretty sure they drug test James Harrison everytime he puts out a new, insane workout video.

The MLB is little better at it, but let’s not forget Eric Thames earlier this season who got drug tested twice after dropping 11 home runs in April.

Random or not , Eric Thames was drug tested again tonight. Twice this month. "I've got plenty of urine."

— Tom (@Haudricourt) April 26, 2017

Now we get to Danny Duffy, who’s already been drug tested 12 – count ’em – 12 times before the All-Star break.

Take a look at that picture above. Does that look like a guy who’s juicing? Also, it’s not like Duffy is setting the world on fire with his pitching right now. A 3.51 ERA is really good, but it’s not making me scream steroids. These leagues and their drug testing, so weird.

That’s exactly one drug test per start this season