Padres Pitchers Enjoy Pregame Ultimate Frisbee


The obvious angle to take with the San Diego Padres pitching staff playing ultimate frisbee before tonight’s game against Indians is to condemn their fun. You know, baseball players randomly get hurt all the time (by stepping on sprinklers, by sneezing, by stepping on a cactus, etc.) so they shouldn’t needlessly increase their odds of a freak accident. Makes perfect sense.

However! The Padres are terribad and their pitching staff owns the fifth-worst team ERA in the MLB. It’s gotten so bad for these NL West bottom dwellers that shortstop Erick Aybar has pitched twice this season, much to everyone’s amusement:

So yeah, I’m not going to rain on their parade — you gotta do what you gotta do to survive a Padres season.

Assistant Editor of Busted Coverage. Based in Los Angeles.
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