Pat Perez & His Wife Seem To Be Having A Fun Time In Ibiza

I gotta hand it to Pat Perez. This guy has been out here Making Old Guy Golf Great Again for all of us old guys who aren’t cool enough to be in on the Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth fun. Pat’s one of us — guys who are getting to that age where we need to let loose like we’re 24 again. You know, hit up Ibiza with your hot wife — therealashleyperez — and just go nuts taking boat pics, just lighting up IG with hot pics of your wife’s ass.
In fact, Pat can’t keep his mind off his wife’s ass. It’s OK, guys. You’re allowed to do this. I know you’ve been beaten down by the snowflakes out there who think it’s rude to think your wife has a hot ass. It’s not rude at all. She’s worked hard for that ass and wants it to be appreciated.


She wants you to tell her how hot her ass is. And deep down, according to several of my divorced friends who now just slam around town, the ladies want you to tell them what you’re going to do to that ass.
Guys, let’s make a deal. Let’s all agree to be a little bit like Pat Perez in life. Take your wife on a romantic trip. Tell her how hot she’s looking in Ibiza or Cancun or Aruba or Cabo or wherever you take her. And take a shot of her hot ass and put it on IG. Prove to her that all that hard work is paying off.

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