Paulina Gretzky Loves Freedom

I’m not going to waste much time writing copy for this post because I’m like several beers deep and whipped from being in mom’s pool all day long so I’ll keep this short.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, loves freedom like Paulina Gretzky. Look at how proud she is of this country. This country has plenty of problems. Plenty to fix. Plenty that’ll never get fixed. We may take a direct hit from a North Korean ballistic missile, but there’s not another country where Paulina could have the life she has.

Ever looked at IG and where the IG models live and/or visit like three weeks a month? L.A. Paulina lived that life with Wayne’s money. You think she wanted to grow up in Edmonton and get to visit L.A. just in the summer? Hell no. She loves this country.

God bless all the IG superstars who saluted this great country at some point today. You owe most of your career to this great land.

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Happy 4th of July #Merica πŸŒŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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