Derek Jeter's Killing It This Weekend…And By Kill It I Mean He's Waiting On Hannah To Give Birth

Did you know Hannah Jeter was due in May? Yeah, so they definitely threw off the media with that due date, or the media just sorta made up that she was due in May.
Whatever the case, Jeets and Hannah were spotted this weekend cruising Tampa’s trendy Hyde Park (that’s Timpano across the street) and Jeets is clearly in a bottom of the 9th situation here. This is stay close to the house, you could be going to the hospital at any moment mode.
From Extra back in February:

As for how they want to raise their children, the 26-year-old revealed, “We want our kids’ lives to be as ‘normal’ as possible. They’re going to be born into such an extraordinary situation. They’re going to have to be some strong little people. We don’t want them to be defined by their dad’s name — for them, we want him to just be ‘Dad.’ That will be the piece of him they’ll have that the rest of the world doesn’t. It will be special, and it will be theirs.”

We also need to address the cargo shorts. Jeets just turned 43 and he’s clearly from that era where you need the cargoes to carry koozies, your wallet, etc. Kinda respect that Jeets goes cargo because I’ll be able to use that when some 20-something rips me for living the cargo life.
If it’s good for Jeets, it’s good for me.

Looks Like the A's Have Their Own Zack Hample
Looks Like the A's Have Their Own Zack Hample
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