Looks Like the A's Have Their Own Zack Hample

The last thing the baseball world needs is another Zack Hample, but I regret to inform you all that there appears to be a west coast version that makes his home in the dump known as the Coliseum.
During today’s Braves-A’s game, West Coast Hample made his big Internet splash by catching two consecutive foul balls:

And if those two weren’t enough, he stuck around for free baseball and nabbed his third — he was just a little pumped about it:

You might be thinking to yourself that this guy was just lucky to be in a hot section — to that I retort, “No chance in hell”. My suspicions about West Coast Hample were pretty much confirmed by Reddit user SirGergoyFriendman, who provided some backstory on this character:

This dude is at every game and runs all over getting foul balls. Dude will rip balls away from other fans and is kind of a clown. He also wears opposing teams colors during BP to get balls thrown to him… but I guess everybody needs a hobby right?

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