The Miami Heat Are Hanging Photoshopped Banners To Recruit Gordon Hayward

I love when NBA teams resort to college recruiting tactics to sign free agents. You wouldn’t think millionaire NBA player would hang their decision on whether or not a team photoshopped a banner with them in a jersey, but here we are.

It’s like when Nick Saban lets the 5-star recruit try on a Bama jersey with his name already on the back. Works for high schoolers, so I guess it must work for the 27-year-old NBA superstar.

That’s Pat Riley’s thinking. Just like Rachel Nichols said in her IG post above: “Always be closing” aka “here’s a photo of what you’d look like in our jersey. Looks good, right? Right?!”

Can’t wait to see what Danny Ainge has up his sleeve.

Jazz fans are finding it cute


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