Brazilian Soccer Ref Pulls A Gun On A Player After Getting Punched In The Face


I don’t what it is about soccer across the globe, but players seem to always treat referees like total dogshit. We’ve seen some wild stories involving refs over the years, from players knocking them out cold all the way to them getting stabbed by fans.

You make one bad call and next thing you know you might be in 76th Hunger Games just trying to survive.

So I don’t blame this ref one bit for staying strapped. As you can see in this high-quality Zapruder style film, he immediately heads to the sideline to grab his piece after getting punched in the face. He knows he doesn’t want to be the next ref that’s dead in tomorrow’s paper. You can shut everything down real quick with that thing.

Turns out he was a cop…wrong dude to mess with

Via Mirror UK:

But a defiant Mr de Souza, who has been a ref for 19 years, defended his actions and declared he had not overreacted while sporting his blackeye.

He said: “My actions were not an exaggeration; the exaggeration was down to the behaviour of the player. I was in charge of the game and to bring things under control I made the decision to act in my capacity as a police officer and arrest a citizen who assaulted me.”

Bizarrely the ref added he had no intention of using violence.

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