RedTube is Sponsoring an Amateur Soccer Club


How does an amateur soccer club that generates little revenue come up with funds for equipment? Easy. Just pump out some tweets and partner up with an NSFW website plenty of people are familiar with — RedTube!

Seriously. Washington Square FC, an amateur team in Massachusetts, partnered up with the porn site last August — details from The Boston Globe:

Until signing up a sponsor, players had been paying out of pocket for field time, equipment and other costs, Jon said.

They were tossing around sponorship ideas, and players joked about signing on with a porn company. A player wrote up a letter and posted it to the team’s Twitter page, he said.

RedTube responded immediately.

“We figured why not? We’re amateurs, we’re not paid professionals, and we’ll get some revenue,” Jon said. “Now my guys don’t have to pay money, which is what my goal was.”

Collaborating with a porn site is a surefire way to get random idiots worked up, but luckily Washington Square FC has the ever-growing #RedTubeArmy backing them:

Their newfound support is so real that they’ve opened up an online store so everyone can get their porn-soccer merch:

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