Let’s Watch Abigail Ratchford Enjoy A Topless Pool Day


It’s about time Abigail Ratchford got back into the sports world by dating an athlete. They all follow her and she can basically hand pick whoever she wants. I guess she’s slowly but surely getting there. She was linked to Manziel a while back, Kristaps Porzingis slid into those DMs a couple of times, and she was partying with Chandler ‘Chancun’┬áParsons a couple of weeks ago. But I want a power couple. You pair her with *insert name of superstar athlete* and they can dominate some headlines.

Anyways, now that I got that little rant out of the way, let’s just enjoy this IG story of Abigail’s mini vacay in some tropical locale by the pool. It’s a slow sports week (update: of course, as I published this Chris Paul gets traded to the Rockets), nothing is really going on, so here’s a little something to get you through the day.


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