Abigail Ratchford Shared An Uber With Johnny Manziel

Getting his ass out of Cleveland was the best thing that ever happened to Johnny Manziel. Now he’s free to live in L.A. during the offseason and just go bananas on Instagram models like Abigail Ratchford, who jumped in Johnny’s ride this weekend after a night of clubbing.
Not familiar with Ratchford? I’m shocked.
She’s only flopping her huge rack out on Instagram pretty much on a daily basis, just tempting your buddies to tag you in one of her flop photos. She only has 3.7 million IG followers built off her giant rack. Ratchford proved it’s possible to escape Scranton, PA and end up a worldwide star just for having a giant rack. Dreams do come true, ladies. I once traded emails with her in 2013.
Now she’s partying with Heisman and presumably going home with Manziel on some random March night. This is exactly the life we wanted Manziel to live: no team telling him how to live, IG models spilling out of his hired SUV, living the Texas Oil Money life in L.A. The guy has not disappointed.
Maybe he dropped off Abigail at her hotel. You know, this was just a ride share.
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