Florida Man Pounds Four Lokos, Blacks Out, Steals 36-Foot Boat, Wakes Up On Beach, Boat Runs Ashore, He's Arrested

If you think the recent Auburn grad who stole a Braves golf cart at SunTrust had himself a weekend, we have a Florida Man who just curbstomped Auburn bro’s weekend fun. Meet Florida Man Jonathan Race. He’s 20 and got black out drunk this weekend at a 7-Eleven where he pounded Four Lokos and turned into Super Florida Man.
Buckle up.
From WFTV:

Investigators said Jonathan Race allegedly broke into Daytona Marina & Boat Works shortly before 4:45 a.m. Saturday, rummaged through two vessels, left belongings strewn across the boatyard and stole a 36-foot boat named Ethel Jeanne.
The boat later plowed into a beach at full-speed, but Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers said no one was aboard the vessel.
Police said they met up with Race at a Port Orange home and interviewed him on the porch, where he told investigators that the last thing he remembered was drinking a couple 4 Loko drinks at a 7-Eleven across from the marina.

Jon told cops all he remembers is waking up on Daytona Beach wearing shorts that didn’t belong to him.
There’s the boat docked where Jon left it.
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