The WWE Reportedly Wants LaVar Ball To Appear On Monday Night Raw


It was only a matter of time before the best villain in sports made his way into a WWE ring and it looks like it may happen soon. LaVar Ball and pro wrestling is a match made in heaven. He’s quite literally the definition of a heel and is already better working the mic than half the wrestlers in the WWE right now.

Good news for us is that it looks like there’s a good chance he’ll be making an appearance on Monday Night Raw tomorrow in Los Angeles.

Details from Pro Wrestling Sheet:

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned WWE wants Lavar Ball to appear on Monday Night Raw next week in Los Angeles … and it sounds like he was talking about it during a recent livestream.

Sources tell us the two sides have been in talks to make it happen and things are looking good — however, as is always the case with creative plans, they could change at the drop of a dime.

Everything just keeps falling into place for LaVar. From speaking Lonzo to the Lakers into existence to Monday Night Raw coming to LA the week after the draft. Dude just stays winning.

Here’s more evidence that this might actually happen

LaVar discussing the WWE during a live stream at the draft.


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