Dennis Smith Jr Is The Latest Victim Of An Old Tweet Dug Up On Draft Night

It’s like clockwork now on draft night with these old tweets. There’s always at least one guy who gets his spot blown up from years prior when he was just some dumb high school kid spewing nonsense on social media without thinking of the future ramifications. Last night’s lucky winner was Dennis Smith Jr.

This tweet comes from 2012, when Dennis was just young, spry 14-year-old talking about slangin wood. This was before he was a top high school prospect, before he had his sights set on the NBA and the only thing that mattered in life was that good-good.

If you ask me, this is the kind of guy you want running your team. Confidence through the roof.

Let us not forget Mitch Trubisky’s old tweet from the NFL draft…one of the GOATs


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